Power Value Air cooled 3kW Single Phase Electric 3kw Gasoline Generator

Displacement : 212cc
Rated Power : 3.0kW / 4.0hp
Weight : 44kg

1. Portable compact
2. Economical, reliable and durable
3. Long run time – up to 13.5 hours
4. AVR to automatically regulate voltage
5. Oil alert to shut down engine automatically when low oil is detected
6. Circuit breaker to stop engine automatically when overloaded

Model NO.    NTGR3500
   Voltage    110V
   Frequency    60HZ
   AC rated output    3.0kW
   AC max output    3.2kW
   Power output    3600rpm
   Engine model    170F
   Displacement    212cc
   Fuel tank capacity    14L
   Oil capacity    0.6L
   Weight    44kg

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