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About us

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Shanghai Newtop Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. The company mainly specializes in garden machinery, including chainsaws, brush cutters, sprayers and other 2-stroke and 4-stroke machines. After 20 years of continuous development, NEWTOP has set up more than 100 brand agents around the world. The products are supplied to more than 40 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa etc.


20 years experience in manufacturing, sales and service of garden machinery


More than 100 brand agents in 40+ countries globally


More than 100 patent certificates








Year of experience

Successfully developed Belarus, Russian markets in Eastern Europe and Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam markets in Sotheast Asia.


Expanded markets to Central American countries like Guademala, Costa Rica, Honduras. Supplying to Papua New Guinea, Fiji etc. Started developing East African markets and entered markets of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania etc.


Approached markets in Venezuela, Australia and New Zealand, and the independent brand NEWTOP was successfully sold in the local market and supported by agents.


Entered Colombia, Peru, Chile markets and successfully developed Dubai, South Korea, Poland, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Greek markets.


Set up overseas branches in nine countries (or regions) including Panama, Guatemala, and Colombia etc. in South America, promoting our own brands and establish overseas warehouses.


Factory equipment

Professional chainsaws, brushcutters factory

CNC Equipment

High precision CNC machining for chainsaw crankcase improve the technology consistency of product quality.

Injection Molding Equipment

New nylon PA66+30%GF material (no recycled materials) Producing plastic parts with bright and lasting colors, safe and durable.

Incoming Material Inspection

Our raw material warehouse complies with ISO9001 standards, and each batch of parts will be inspected before entering the warehouse.

Product Line

Professional automated production and assembly line, automatic box closing, and air tightness testing to ensure the consistency of quality.

Automatic Assembly of Bearings and Oil Seals

Automated equipment is used to assemble bearings and oil seals to prevent air leakage of the crankcase , which can result in less power and failure in meeting the qualified standards.

Automatic Crankcase Closing Equipment

Automatically assemble the chain saw crankcase to ensure the consistency of the chain saw quality.

Power Test

Magentic motor tester

Dynamic balance tester

Machine Testing

Digital display pneumatic measuring instrument

Hardness tester

Neutral salt spray tester


Our machines can work continuously for more than 400+ hours

1. Automatic assembly technology
2. Cylinder air-tightness test
3. 100% full inspection

We Follow Best Practices

Brand with 20 years history in professional garden machinery, 100+ brand agents globally, reliable quality

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