Technology R & D

R&D Service Capabilities

Customers' feedbacks can be responded and resolved within 24 hours.

R&D team

The R&D team can design engines of any displacement according to market demand.


Our company has developed a complete range of chain saw engines with various displacements.


There is always a model suitable for customers.

Product R&D Generation Process

Project Feasibility Analysis

We collect customer needs from the market, make research on the market, and conduct feasibility analysis. The report is handed over to R&D engineers for project development

We will complete the following relevant documents:
1. New product market research report
2. Samples test report
3. New product feasibility analysis report, project approval form

Product Design Stage

When a new product enters the design stage, while designing the 3D structure, we prepare a product development schedule and specification sheet, and uniformly code the spare parts. The mold of the product goes into the production stage after structural design review.

We will complete the following relevant documents:
1. New product development schedule
2. New product specification sheet
3. Parts code list
4. BOM table
5. Review report
6. Mold list

Product Production Stage

After the product enters the production stage, the technical department reviews the mold production, parts proofing, and prepares explosion drawings, assembly drawings and ROHS reports based on the drawings.We will complete the following relevant documents:
1. Parts evaluation report
2. Samples confirmation report
3. Explosion diagram
4. Assembly drawing
5. ROHS report
6. Work instruction specification report
7. Inspection Specification Manual

Product Acceptance Stage

Conduct small batch trial production of new products before conducting preliminary testing, apply for product safety regulations, and write a trial production summary report. All documents are archived.

We will complete the following relevant documents:
1. Tooling process verification report
2. Safety certificate
3. Trial production report
4. Product design completion confirmation letter

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