Petrol Chainsaw Chain Saw Machine Hand Saw Tree Cutting

Displacement : 45cc
Power : 1.7kW / 2.3HP
Weight : 4.0kg

Supercar level- engine make you feel strong power.
Aluminium alloy crankcase service life extends, and power comes more stable.

   Model NO.   NT4560
   Power type    Single Cylinder, Two-stroke, Air-cooling
   Cylinder diameter    43mm*31mm
   Engine Displacement    45cc
   Rated output power    1.7kw
   Relevant speed    7500rpm
   Standard Bar Lengths    16″ -20″ 
   Chain pitch (inch)    3/8″ / 0.325″
   Fuel mixture ratio    25:1(Gasoline 25 : Two-cycle Oil 1)
   Fuel capacity    550ml (18.6 oz.)
   Chain oil capacity    260ml (8.8 oz.)
   Ignition system    Digital
   Dry weight (without bar and chain)    4kg (11 lbs.)
   Weight (with bar and chain)    5.1kg (13 lbs.)
   Box weight    6.5kg (16 lbs.)

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