52cc Brush Cutter 2-Stroke Gasoline Grass Cutter Chinese Good Quality Lawn Mower

Displacement : 41.5cc
Rated Power : 1.45kW / 2.0 hp
Weight : 7.6kg

The NEWTOP NTB52OE is a lightweight, yet powerful straight shaft petrol Brush cutter.Smart pull Recoil – this feature allows effortless starting by reducing the resistance on the Starter rope. Metal 255mm three – toothed blade for tackling tougher jobs.

Model NO. NTB520E
Power type Single Cylinder, Two-stroke, Air-cooling
Match engine 1E44F
Displacement 51.7cc
Power output 1.6kW/6500rpm
Nylon cutting 430mm
Diameter of AI. pipe 26mm/28mm
Fuel capacity 1300ml
Fuel mixture ratio 25:1(Gasoline 25 : Two-cycle Oil 1)
Ignition system Digital
Weight 7.6kg

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