Gasoline Engine 18HP With Reduction Engines 192FB Motor

Displacement : 460cc
Rated Power : 13.4kW/18.0hp
Weight : 31kg

4-stroke gasoline engine provides efficient power.
Electronic ignition and an adranced combustion system design help reduce fuel consumption.
Oil alerting system shuts down engine automaticlly in low-oil condition.
All engines are easy starting in all weather conditions, from -5 to 45 degrees(°C).


   Model NO.    NTE460
   Max.torque    27.5N.m
   Bore x stroke    92x69mm
   Max.output    18.0HP
   Displacement    460cc
   Fuel consumption    ≤370g/KW.h
   Fuel tank capacity    6.5L
   Compression ratio    8:6:1
   Oli capacity    1.1L
   Weight    31kg

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