How to deal with long grass

Dealing with long grass can be a tricky process. This is not just as simple as pushing the lawn mower over it, because you risk damaging the lawn or even the lawn mower; if the grass is too long, the lawn mower may become clogged or overheated, and you are also at risk of tearing the grass. Will affect the overall health of the lawn. Regardless of the scale of the work at hand, before starting, you should first check whether your machine is in perfect working condition. By performing maintenance inspections, you can ensure that the lawn mower or lawn mower is in top condition, which will make difficult tasks easier.

Smaller job

As a general rule, you should not cut more than one-third of the grass length at any time. If you come back from vacation or leave for a while and find that your grass is too high for your standard lawn mower height, you will need to make adjustments. This means raising the height of the lawn and making an initial cut at a higher level before lowering it to the correct height. You don’t want to put too much pressure on your lawn, so it is recommended that your grass recover between cuts.

When work needs more charm

If your lawn has been neglected for a while, and the growth is more pronounced, long grass may cause a bigger problem, and it may not be classified immediately. This type of task becomes a big project, and you need to invest a lot of time and patience to make your garden as you wish. If the grass is too long, a simple cutting action will put a lot of pressure on it, so that adjusting it to the correct height will cause a lot of damage in the short term.

Therefore, you need to complete the following steps before starting to cut.

Check for debris

If the garden has been neglected for a while, perhaps the previous owner, you may need to check the garden for debris before using machinery to remove the grass. Items such as rocks or tree stumps may eventually damage your lawn mower, so it is best to understand any dangers before you start.

Take off the top layer

If you use a lawn mower or sickle to cut off the top few centimeters of the grass, you will find it easier to make the grass reach the desired height. Since lawnmowers are difficult to handle too long grass, lawnmowers are the perfect alternative to remove surface grass. Once you have removed a large piece of grass, you should water your lawn and then let it recover to avoid over-tension of the grass. In the long run, this will help.

You may object to investing in a lawn mower at first, because it may only be a one-time job, but the application of the mower goes far beyond the scope of cutting long grass. They can be the perfect machine for cleaning edges or mowing around obstacles.

Cut again

Once you leave the lawn to rest for a while, you need to cut it again. You can use your lawn mower this time, but be sure not to take off too much. In any case, you should only cut one-third of the grass every time you mow, so as not to put pressure on the grass and make it yellow. This may mean that you need to set the lawn mower in the highest position.

Loosen the soil if necessary

After the second mowing, your lawn will most likely look terrible. This is mainly in extreme cases where the growth is very high, but after all pruning, it just fails to heal well. You will need to go through here and know that the purpose will largely justify the means. This may take a while, but you will have a luscious lawn that you can be proud of. You need to loosen your lawn to remove all weeds and moss-you don’t want these on your lawn, so it’s best to remove everything before rebuilding.

Reseeding and rebuilding

Now that you have cleaned up the worst part of the old lawn, it is time to rebuild it with some new grass seeds. If you feel it is necessary, you may want to supplement this with lawn fertilizer, but be sure to do so at the right time of the year, because you don’t want to promote growth in cold weather.

It may also be worthwhile to create ways to prevent birds from stealing your grass seeds before they germinate. There are many products on the market that can help solve this problem, so it depends on personal preference.

After all, your lawn may not look good at first, but you will be surprised at how fast your new lawn grows. After a while, you need to maintain a lawn that you can be proud of, just by mowing it regularly to maintain it.

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