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At NEWTOP, we spent 20 years in constantly looking for ways to deliver reliable and powerful gasoline machines. Our only aim is to make gradening work easier and more enjoyable. With years' development, our company has reached an annual capacity of 500,000 units of machines including brush cutters and chain saws.


20 years experience in garden machinery


More than 100 brand agents in 40+ countries globally


More than 100 patent certificates for you

Chainsaw Machines

The products are supplied to more than 40 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa etc.

Chainsaw NT10500

Higher Quality 105cc 4.8kw Big Chainsaw Ms 070 Professional Chain Saw

Displacement : 105cc
Rated Power : 4.8kW / 6.4 hp
Weight : 10.5kg

Chainsaw NT9200

Gasoline Chainsaw 92cc 5.2kw for ms660 with 90cm Bar

Displacement : 91.6cc
Rated Power : 5.2kW / 6.7 hp
Weight : 7kg

Chainsaw NT7200

Professional Powerful 72cc Petrol Chainsaw for hus 272 Gasoline Chainsaw

Displacement : 72.2cc
Power : 3.6kW / 4.8HP
Weight : 6.3kg

Chainsaw NT381

Gasoline Chainsaw 92cc 5.2kw for ms660 with 90cm Bar

Displacement : 91.6cc
Rated Power : 5.2kW / 6.7 hp
Weight : 7kg

Chainsaw NT365

Gasoline Chainsaw 92cc 5.2kw for ms660 with 90cm Bar

Displacement : 91.6cc
Rated Power : 5.2kW / 6.7 hp
Weight : 7kg

Who We Are ?

Shanghai Newtop Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. The company mainly specializes in garden machinery, including chainsaws, brush cutters, sprayers and other 2-stroke and 4-stroke machines. After 20 years of continuous development, NEWTOP has set up more than 100 brand agents around the world. The products are supplied to more than 40 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa etc.

Factory equipment

Professional chainsaws, brushcutters factory

CNC Equipment

High precision CNC machining for chainsaw crankcase improve the technology consistency of product quality.

Injection Molding Equipment

New nylon PA66+30%GF material (no recycled materials) Producing plastic parts with bright and lasting colors, safe and durable.

Incoming Material Inspection

Our raw material warehouse complies with ISO9001 standards, and each batch of parts will be inspected before entering the warehouse.

Product Line

Professional automated production and assembly line, automatic box closing, and air tightness testing to ensure the consistency of quality.

Automatic Assembly of Bearings and Oil Seals

Automated equipment is used to assemble bearings and oil seals to prevent air leakage of the crankcase , which can result in less power and failure in meeting the qualified standards.

Automatic Crankcase Closing Equipment

Automatically assemble the chain saw crankcase to ensure the consistency of the chain saw quality.

Power Test

Magentic motor tester

Dynamic balance tester

Machine Testing

Digital display pneumatic measuring instrument

Hardness tester

Neutral salt spray tester

Our certificate

We have multiple certificates of GS, CE, EURO V, ISO9001

Chainsaw CE

CE Certificate

Jamaica NEWTOP Mark

Uganda NEWTOP Mark

About Our Teams

We Are the Leading International Company in this Industry

Whar Our Clients Say


Testimonials from Newtop clients - Agricultural & garden tools dealer Иван Иванович Иванов in Russia

Иван Иванович Иванов (Russia)

We have cooperated with Newtop for almost 10 years, witnessed the growth of Newtop, from a small company to a well-known enterprise in the garden machinery industry. The most precious thing is that their attention to product quality and service attitude remains unchanged. We will continue to actively cooperate with Newtop and expand the Russia market together.

Testimonials from Newtop clients - Garden tools dealer Sergio Romero in Argentina

Sergio Romero (Argentina)

We found Shanghai Newtop in 2011, we want to do OEM at very beginning, however we changed matters after reviewing their factory status, including of equipments and measuring devices and process etc. Newtop always can give us the unexpected surprises, so we finally signed an agency agreement with Newtop, become the CRAFTOP’s sole agent in Argentina. CRAFTOP has became the famous chain saw brand by the combined efforts of Newtop and us.

Testimonials from Newtop clients - Garden machinery dealer in Brazil

Leandro (Brazil)

We incidentally came upon a garden machinery company in an exhibition, and we try to talk over with them, it was an unforgettable negotiation. Newtop’s sales radiate an infectious enthusiasm for everything they do, just like our lively Samba. The first cooperation is successful, the quality of the products has also been validated when we review the factory, now we have been working together for many years.

Testimonials from Newtop clients - Garden machinery dealer Rodriguez in Peru

Rodriguez (Peru)

Newtop and I met at the Canton Fair, their professional friendly and kindness left me a really good impression. They answered my questions patiently, and gave me a lot of practical advices of African marketing promotion, I trust Newtop as always.


Supporting Subheading

We are a manufacturing. Our headquarters is in Shanghai and our factory is in the outskirts of Shanghai.

We totally have about 200 employees in our company.

We have about ten R&D engineers, and most of them have more than ten years of factory experience.

Our production department is made up of the CNC processing center that produces aluminum and magnesium spare parts. The injection center that produces plastic spare parts and 4 modern assembly lines. Our monthly capacity is 40,000 machine units.

Our factory is approved with ISO 900 standards and most of the products are with CE, GS, EURO V Certifications.

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